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Our Enterprise Network Solutions specializes in the design, integration, and optimization of high- quality, enterprise-level IT infrastructure solution. We help our customers automate, streamline and manage their business processes to improve productivity, performance and profitability. Our objective is to understand our customer’s business and technology requirements and assist them with the technical architecture, design, implementation and management of their IT Infrastructure in order to meet their business needs. Drausnet Team are dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable professionals whose goal is to ensure that our service is of the highest quality and integrity.

Enterprise Data Network

Secured WAN and Remote office Connectivity Services: Our clients data is paramount to the sustainability of their business. Manage and secure your data communication platform, tailored exclusively to your business with our Business Data Solutions which include, WAN consultancy, network build including on site equipment installation and testing, proof of concept deployment and testing, existing network audit, router supply and configuration, VPN view, secured remote access and remote monitoring services

MPLS Managed Services: MPLS is a flexible network solution that allows companies to scale and customise their solutions with no jitter or fixed latency to worry about, it also provides a consistent user experience. Our managed services include: MPLS network Solution design, Data routing management, network performance monitoring, network adds & moves, changes to connections, router configuration & management, technical service desk

Managed Connectivity and Collaboration Services

Equip your business with the latest communication and collaboration tools that will enable your customers, employees and partners to communicate and work productively and effectively. Our connectivity services give you the flexibility to choose your preferred mode of communication; whether it is voice, chat or, face to face using video.

Internet & VoIP Services: The choice of mobile internet connectivity and VoIP is becoming more attractive to enterprise and business as 4G comes online and the number of remote workers continues to grow, Business Internet Solutions.

Network Value-Added Services: Make powerful business connections that fits your business needs with high quality network and application performance platforms. Our network value-added services include VPN optimization, In building Services, Network monitoring, Performance health checks, Background and Scheduled Maintenance Services.

Multi Access and TDM over Ethernet Services:

Drausnet partners with equipment manufacturers to provide communication users and service providers with the technology ( IP, MPLS, SDH/SONET, optical, wireless, and legacy TDM systems) needed for connecting end-point devices and their access to core networks to form complete services ; these include a wide range of technologies, such as multiservice access for analogue, voice, data, and dedicated data for industry with DS0, E1, T1, DS3, E3, OC3/STM-1, OC12/STM-4, OC48/STM-16 transport over TDM, SDH, TDMoE ,PseudoWire and PTN with MPLS or Carrier Ethernet.

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