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Drausnet provide engineering, design, construction and maintenance services for wireline and wireless communications, including cell tower construction, broadband fiber optic cable installation, and wireline construction and emergency maintenance services all across the country. We combine cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, skilled professionals and an unfailing commitment to safety to ensure that our customers are able to meet their customers' communication needs with the highest levels of reliability and quality, and we're able to supply crews and equipment to our customers 24/7. We keep our employees up-to-date and trained in next-generation technologies and practices, and are committed to reducing negative impact on the environment.

Microwave Infrastructure:

We provide cell tower site related services for some of the nation's major Telecoms Infrastructure companies: Microwave Antennae Installation and integration, Alternate Power Installation & integration, retrofit of legacy Power systems to Energy efficient Models, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS ), Technical Site Surveys, Energy Efficiency Planning for Cell Sites and Other Enterprise Facilities.

Wireline Infrastructure

We offer both long-haul and in-town installations, delivering robust Internet and telephone services via fiber optic cable to remote areas to facilitate integrated voice, video and data services, higher bandwidths, and competitive service as needed. Our Technical Team are on call 24/7, immediately responding to service interruptions and network damage.

Some of the Services rendered include:
  • Technical Site Survey, Simulation &Testing Services
  • Distributed Antenna Systems¬†(DAS) and Edge Equipment
  • Cell Site and Tower site construction
  • MAN/WAN Deployment
  • RF Engineering ,Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Renewable Power integration to Cell sites
  • Systems Integration for Telecoms and Power Infrastructure
  • FTTX Deployment, OSP Cabling, Splicing and Testing
  • Logistics Management for Telecoms Infrastructure
  • Site decommissioning and retrofitting
  • Manpower Supply and Management
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