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Mobility and rapid deployment calls for advanced wireless solutions. Drausnet offers purpose-designed and highly efficient alternatives to leased lines, and wired distribution systems, but with the mobility, flexibility and rapid deployment benefits of true carrier-class wireless solutions.

Clients can reduce OPEX by eliminating fiber and leased line costs, overcome challenging environmental barriers to a wired network installation using the last mile wireless solution

Our Mobile Connectivity Services focus on customers with requirements for:

Microwave Backhaul :

Wireless high capacity network able to support hundreds of data streams prioritized to ensure efficient throughput for voice, video and data with QoS available to guarantee the highest level of security and best possible performance.

Wireless last mile aggregation to the internet (Wi-Fi):

Last mile is one of the most critical links in the network, it is the link that ties all the applications and services at the edge to the core - a link where performance, uptime and quality of service combine to guarantee data delivery.

Wireless as Primary IoT Connectivity:

From laptops, to smartphones, to smart watches and fitness wearables, to asset-tracking beacons – all of which are designed to connect wirelessly using protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to relay and receive information. Suitable for customers who don't have access to a fixed Internet such as retail kiosks, events locations and digital signages.

Wireless as Connectivity failover

Customers who are reliant on Internet access to run mission-critical applications or who have large numbers of geographically dispersed locations, such as ATMs or remote branch offices can benefit from this service.

Wireless point to Multipoint Solution:

This service is ideal for WISP, surveillance and smart city applications. Our solutions offer maximum bandwidth utilisation and link reliability in noisy environments, it uses a beam steering antenna and a secondary look-ahead scan radio to avoid interference and maximize the use of available radio spectrum.

IoT & Edge Device Deployment

IOT services have the power to transform decision-making and optimise business processes to respond, adapt and predict the changing needs of consumers. Drausnet Limited has IoT expertise and experience deploying and managing IoT solutions for enterprise and SME customers. Our managed services include: Edge device and IoT equipment supplies, integration, monitoring, remote diagnostics, and support services. We partner with the most trusted brands to deliver IoT products to customers in their Homes or businesses creating an always-on, always- accessible connected environment. We offer a suite of commercial services including structured wiring access control. Wi-fi, network design and installation. Deliver a swift zero-touch managed deployment without disruption or downtime to ATM sites, PoS devices and other remote branch locations

Our IoT service leverages 2G/3G/4G LTE capabilities to provide :
  • Broadband IoT - adopts the capabilities of mobile broadband connectivity, providing much higher data rates and lower latencies than to connected IoT devices.
  • Remote site IoT – provide cellular IoT connectivity to remote locations and machines. Monitoring devices and Telemetry equipments utilize this platform for real time data gathering. It addresses low latencies and high reliability connectivity requirements. It can operate on 2G/3G/4G platforms
  • Industrial Automation IoT – It is tailored for industrial automation applications such as connecting Factories, Warehouses, Farms, Construction sites, Vehicle surveillance and Traffic monitoring.
  • Modems
  • Gateways
  • Routers
  • Switches
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